Diverse Fields of Paragliding Competitions

Since a lot of the outcome depends on outside variables such as weather, wind, and altitude, paragliding events involve a variety of sensations that are difficult to express. Even when the descent in a paragliding contest is considered a safer way to practice, it’s still risky. Therefore, there are numerous observers and significant deployment of safety equipment to ensure that all competitors feel safe.

Cross Country Paragliding

Competitors must complete a specific circuit through various important spots. As soon as the exit signal, or start point, is signalled, the competitors take off and remain in the air. From the beginning point, a flight is taken, marked by waypoints to complete the test and arrive at the destination, which marks the completion of the assignment and the competition.

The first competitor to arrive at each predetermined route earns 1000 points. The contest is won by the person who accumulates the most points after completing all tasks.

Precision Paragliding

In this type of competition, competitors must launch and fly through the air to land their paraglider on a target with a central ring up to 20 cm in diameter. The paraglider’s air control abilities and each person’s capacity to fly are put to use. Although it seems unlikely that anyone could hit the target in the centre, it happens occasionally.

Hike and Fly Paragliding

Competitors must carry their paragliding equipment to the takeoff location and then walk or occasionally climb a particular mountain to get there. This challenge tests not only your aerial prowess but also your physical stamina due to the mountaineering component.

Thus, persons who use this method maintain consistent physical readiness. This is ideal for leading a healthy lifestyle and experiencing the exhilaration of paragliding.

Acrobatic Paragliding

It is the most challenging and freestyle type of paragliding. Experienced pilots have developed approaches to create tricks for entertainment, adrenaline, or to keep expanding one’s paragliding abilities. It’s a very specialized domain of human flight that only a few skilled and daring pilots attempt. Pilots must make quick, complex manoeuvres.