Where Can Paragliders Find Nicotine Pouches?

Paragliding has become a popular extreme sport since its inception during the 1980s. It allows people to soar through the air without the help of others. It is in many ways a solitary aerial activity. Paragliders need to be brave enough to take their lives into their own hands. Therefore safety is very important. If the person feels nervous it can break their concentration and lead to unnecessary risks. Luckily, substances such as nicotine can calm them down and keep them focused.

Northerner is the best place to find these products. Paragliders can visit the Nicotine pouches UK focused website for a range of different snus-like pouches. They provide popular brands such as Nordic Spirit, VID, Hewlit, FUMI and Velo. The best thing about the site is the wide range of flavour options. Their catalogue will particularly appeal to fans of mint and fruit. It is also worth noting that there are occasional sales events which need to be taken advantage of.


If the person is dedicated to this sport then it can end up sucking up a lot of their funds. Complete sets of gear tend to cost thousands of pounds. Consequently, the person will not have much money left over for other luxuries. The nicotine pouches UK focused website Northerner can end up being a paragliders best friend. Their products are surprisingly affordable. In contrast to paragliding equipment their 10 pouch packs are in the double digit price range.

A Tasty Reward

Completing a flight will leave the person feeling elated. They will want to reward themselves somehow. One method is to enjoy a delicious and refreshing nicotine pouch. Over time they will associate the nicotine hit with a reward response. This will hopefully encourage them to continue going the distance when paragliding.