Paragliding for Women

Paragliding is undoubtedly a thrilling experience, and it’s not just men who would enjoy the adrenaline rush. However, are there any special considerations that have to be made for female fliers? Perhaps the harness, cocoon or apparel may have to be adjusted somehow. Once in the air, women can enjoy a liberating feeling of freedom, taking them away from their everyday lives. If the experience really captures a woman’s imagination, she could train to become a pilot.

Challenges for Female Paragliders

Of course, one of the challenges for female paragliders is that their anatomy is different and that harness may be somewhat uncomfortable. Another worry follows the fact that many women these days opt for breast augmentation, particularly the teardrop implant, which looks very natural. Could there be a danger that paragliding could somehow harm the implants? Thankfully, the answer is no, but as with any other sport, allow time for recuperation after surgery.

Female Paragliding Gear

The majority of women are much smaller than men and trying to find appropriate gear can be a challenge. The suit needs to be tight-fitting, and if a woman has enhanced breasts, this can be pretty uncomfortable when in the air. However, if the augmentation involved the teardrop implant, then this is a much more natural shape, and even the harness won’t have much of an impact or cause any pain in the chest area.

Learning the Skills of Paragliding

There are many skills to learn when taking up the sport of paragliding, and time should be taken to understand them. If a woman has recently undergone surgery to have a teardrop implant, she could use the recuperation time to study all the rules of paragliding, such as knowing when to fly, how to understand the wind conditions, first aid skills and what visibility distance is required. Learning these in advance will save valuable time.

Women should not be afraid to take up paragliding. Some adjustments to the equipment may be necessary, but the pure freedom of flying through the air and riding the wind is not to be missed.