Can You Paraglide When It Is Rainy?

Paragliding is an adventurous sport, but we don’t have to paraglide in just about any weather condition, given the aerial nature of the sport. As such, we (paragliders) are called upon to exercise extra caution and only fly when we’re certain that it is safe to do so. By saying so, I don’t mean that paragliding is that dangerous; all I mean is that it should be done in the right conditions. So one question that people ask is whether it is possible or safe to paraglide in the rain?

From a technical point of view, it is very possible to fly in the rain, but the rule of thumb demands that we avoid paragliding in the rain at all costs since rain can cause damage to your wing, and it generally poses danger when we are in the air. And let us apply common sense here; I can’t find the reason why you would want to paraglide in the rain.


Modern paraglide wings are made in such a way that the equipment works best in dry weather. With dry weather, the wings will be smooth and light, and the drag will generally be minimised to ensure easy flying. And get me right here; I don’t mean that the equipment is not water resistant. What I mean is that modern equipment is not as effective as its forerunner when it comes to resisting water and other weather elements. When the rain begins, waterbeds may form on the paraglide wings, making it difficult to fly.

How to Avoid Paragliding in the Rain

You don’t have to be a trained weather forecaster to know whether it will rain or not. By simply doing a little study, you can tell how the weather will look like before you hit the skies. Watching weather news could also help since the weatherman tends to make accurate predictions most of the time.