Tips on Paragliding With Osteoarthritis

If you suffer from osteoarthritis, you may be limited when it comes to the kind of activities you can engage in. There is however a misconception that people with the condition should not do anything. While doctors advise that if you have osteoarthritis, you should refrain from activities and conditions that may aggravate it, it does not mean that you cannot have fun. Did you know that even with osteoarthritis, you can still engage in some adventure sports such as paragliding? The tips that you can use to make you enjoy your paragliding experience are:

Do Light Workouts Before Paragliding

To avoid shocking your system when you paraglide, you should be doing light exercises before the big day. It can be something as basic as stretching your muscles, swimming, and taking light walks. These exercises will prepare you for when you are finally up in the air and you have to bend your knees.

Work With Professionals

Choose a professional paragliding company that has experts who are experienced in working with different people, including those with health conditions. Make sure that you specify the specific condition you have. For instance, if you always feel pain because you have osteoarthritis on your knee, you should let them know in advance so that they know how to hold you and guide you as you start your adventure. Have a candid conversation with them to see their state of preparedness in handling your condition.

Carry Medication

As a rule, when you have osteoarthritis, you should always carry your pain medication with you. It is even more important when you are embarking on an adventure such as paragliding that may cause some level of anxiety especially if it is your first time. Other than having the right medication, you should try your best to go with someone who knows you so that they can take care of you in case your symptoms get worse.

Focus on Enjoying Yourself

The mind is a powerful tool. If you focus on enjoying yourself instead of thinking about the possibility of being in pain when you go for paragliding, you may be surprised that when you focus on having fun, you will not feel the pain associated with osteoarthritis.