Paragliding in India

The paragliding destinations in Europe along with the broad opportunities offered by the US are always more attractive to paragliders worldwide. However, it is becoming an increasing trend for intermediate paragliding pilots or juniors to go and gain more practical experience in India and Nepal. For these paragliders, it is a very authentic experience to do paragliding in India while getting advantage of lower prices and beautiful environment.

The main thing that paragliders need to pay attention: season of the visit. It might be a bit more difficult to visit India and do paragliding during the Monsoon or rainy season. Excessive amount of rain and strong storms might prevent you from paragliding. However, India offers authentic and elusive opportunities for those who would like to see different landscapes from their harnesses. Here is a short list of India’s most popular paragliding spots:

  • Bir-Billing: Best paragliding site of India
  • Nainital: Opento paragliders at the foothills of Himalayas.
  • Bangalore: 1478 meter above the sea-level, join the adventure.
  • Manali: Convenient for new comers and junior paragliders
  • Kamshet: If you want to be above the clouds and jump with your paraglide, here is a perfect spot.

Discover the paragliding sites of India and join the adventure today!