Worldwide Paragliding Destinations

From season to season, the available paragliding spots may vary depending on the paragliding park that is being used. Besides, there is a tendency of paragliders to visit most popular paragliding destinations with beautiful landscape sceneries and convenient weather conditions. The paragliding visits to the US, UK and Europe are well known. In addition to these destinations, there are some paragliding sports which are less discovered, less visited and yet more authentic for many junior or professional paragliders. Here is a list of paragliding destinations which paragliders from all levels can visit and enjoy:

  • The US: There are some special paragliding spots in the US which offer mesmerizing beauties of nature. In Sedona Red Rocks, Jean Ridge Dry Bed and in Hawaii there are elusive paragliding opportunities.
  • France: Swiss Alps and French Alps offers unique chances for paragliders. The regions of Hautes Alpes and Dune du Pyla in France distinguish themselves by artistic sceneries of mother nature. Only paragliders can see the big picture! Don’t miss it!
  • Switzerland: Mountain region of Switzerland is very convenient for paragliding. Especially Wengen region in the Canton of Bern is preferred by the professional paragliders from Europe.
  • Turkey: Mugla region in Turkey offers multiple opportunities for paragliding. Being a popular hub for other extreme sports as well, Fethiye, Kas, Kalkan, Bodrum serve as the best places for paragliding. Especially Babadag paragliding park in Fethiye is a worldwide famous spot.
  • South Africa: There are several paragliding spots which you can enjoy in Africa. However, Mozambique and Cape Town are most famous spots for paragliding offered in Africa. All year round, these two spots are convenient for paragliders.
  • Latin America: Brazil, Mexico and Chile are the countries which offer paragliding activities at the most professional level. Puebla and Valle de Bravo in Mexico and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil are the most popular spots for paragliding.